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Coney Island Chic Photo Booth

coney island photo booth
coney island photo booth

A touch-screen enabled Coney Island style photo booth is a modern and interactive way for guests to take photos at events. With a touch screen interface, guests can easily navigate the photo booth's features, such as selecting filters, adding text or digital props. The option to share the photos digitally, for example via SMS, email or social media, adds convenience for guests and can help to increase the reach and visibility of the event. Additionally, the ability to print custom 4x6 photos on-site provides guests with a physical keepsake of the event.

Step inside and get ready for some fun!



- Holds 3-6 comfortably

- Color, black and white, or sepia tone options

- Huge supply of props that are free to use.

- Unlimited 4x6 photos- dropbox link of all the photos

- A helpful attendant

Custom Prints

coney island photo booth strip
coney island photo booth strip
coney island photo booth strip
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