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When it comes to delivering truly unique experiential activations, the OMG Light Painting Booth stands tall, surpassing other photo activations in its league. Your guests won't miss the enormous Branded Dark Room we set up, visible from afar even in a stadium-sized venue. Our knowledgeable Brand Ambassadors are on hand to guide your guests through the mesmerizing art of light painting and help them create intricate masterpieces.

Photos taken in the booth are instantly branded, printed, and shareable via email or text message, all conveniently managed directly from the booth itself. Each activation is meticulously tailored to suit the specific requirements of your event. Our Standard Light Painting Dark Room features an 8-foot diameter circle enclosure, ensuring complete darkness for the most striking results. The tension fabric exterior walls can be fully printed, creating nearly 200 square feet of brandable billboard space, and standing at an impressive 8 feet in height, this activation is guaranteed to grab everyone's attention.

light paint rental booth activation.png
light paint sample J.png
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